The photograph above, showing the Hinges-Kimble house as it looked originally on Summer Street in the 1930s, is our only clue to the original appearance of the Bowersox house, just beyond it on Chemeketa Street. It is the second house, on the right, in the photograph above.
In 1926, Mr. Frank G. Bowersox and his wife Lillian lived here at 876 Chemeketa Street. He was a grocer with the Carl and Bowersox business establishment at 383 Court Street.
Mr. Dick Buren, whose family lived on Summer Street when he was a child, recently recalled seeing the house pictured below being moved north past his house in about 1937-9. Since this was the period of time when the State Library was being constructed, it must have come from the same block as the Huntington and Baumgartner homes. It has now been identified.
It is hard to reconcile this 776 Shipping Street house with the original since the typical front porch was removed for transporting the house over 70 years ago. The present owner appreciates this fine old house, built for another family and another neighborhood.