SHINE is an acronym for Salem Heritage Network (SHN), originally a series of informal neighborhood meetings in support of Salem, Oregon, cultural properties and heritage tourism. The original partners in the summer of 2008 included Lois Cole, the late Nadine Heusser, Bonnie Hull, Mary McRobinson, Angie Morris, Hazel Patton, Kathy Reed, Becky Sterup, Stephanie Allen and Virginia Green. SHINE records events in Salem’s history and promotes recognition of this city as an important Oregon cultural and economic resource.

Our logo above, designed by Cheryl Clark, is a representation of Salem’s historic skyline.

Credit for transforming SHN to SHINE belongs to Vickie Hardin Woods  who made the suggestion.

Explore the following Topics:

SHINE on Salem


A profile for every year of Salem’s history, from 1860 to the present

Discover Neighborhood History


A photographic catalog of historic homes in Salem’s 18 neighborhoods

Salem’s Moving History


Highlighting homes and buildings that have been relocated from one place to another

Salem Lifelines

Profiling the lives of women who contributed to the development of the city 

Walking Tours


These exclusive photo collections can be used for self-guided walking tours or viewed as online slideshows. 

Historic Marion


These articles were written for Marion County Historical Society

Marion County 20


A travelogue profiling all 20 towns within Marion County, Oregon