Ford House (above) and Perry House (below)

The histories of the two houses on Winter Street nearest to the D Street intersection are the least known. On the corner is the Katherine Ford house that was formerly at 894 Summers Street.
To the rear of that house, on Winter Street, is the former home of J. C. Perry, once the owner of a pharmacy on Commercial Street. That house was relocated from 835 Summer Street.
Both of these houses have a recorded construction date of 1921.

With them in the North Mall Heritage Park (above) are five other former residences.
The Irwin (1935) and Adolphson (1936) houses are in their original locations. They are both designated as Local Landmarks.
The Stiff, Huntington and McGilchrist houses are also Local Landmarks. Like the Ford and Perry houses, they were moved for Capitol Mall expansion for the North Mall Office Building in 2000-1, and are described in other posts. The park was completed and dedicated in 2003.