World Events

  • Al-Queda kills 17 in attack on Paris Charlie Hebdo magazine offices after Muhammad cartoons.
  • Black Lives Matter becomes an Africa-American based, international  organization campaigning against systemic racism.
  • Queen Elizabeth celebrates 63 years on the throne, England’s longest reigning monarch.
  • The continuing Syrian civil war creates a refugee crisis with homeless 220, 000 victims.
  • Greece becomes the first economy to miss a payment to International Monetary Fund in its 71-year history, causing a Greek financial crisis.
  • US joins international union of 200 nations to limit warming cycle in climate change.
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership unites twelve countries with trade rules for 40% of global trade.
  • Cuba and The US reestablish full diplomatic relations, ending 54 years of hostility between the neighboring nations.
  • Academy Awards:”Spotlight” (US), “Son of Saul (Hungary). Prize-winning books: Fortune Smiles: Stories, Adam Johnson and All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.

In Salem

A diminutive, but adult young lady traveling to Europe by ship was placed by mistake at the Children’s Table in the Dining Salon. When she requested a glass of wine and was refused, Edith Schryver insisted on being moved to another table. There she met Elizabeth Lord who would become her lifetime companion and partner in one of the pioneer landscaping firms of the Northwest, Lord and Schryver.

 Gaiety Hollow

The photograph above was taken from their website and shows the rear of their home, Gaiety Hollow, and a portion of the garden. The property was purchased in 2015 by the Lord and Schryver Conservancy, dedicated to “preserving and Interpreting the Legacy of Lord and Schryver to Promote a Greater Understanding of their Contribution to Northwest Landscape Architecture“. This active Salem group (with members beyond our city limits) has done a remarkable job in organization and fund raising to carry out their admirable goals. Recommended resources for more information include the official website that outlines their many social activities, opportunities for participation garden care that is most suitable to our climate and enjoyment of learning about local Lord and Schryver gardens you can visit. 

When You Visit
 The house is located at 545 Mission Street (across from the Bush House Museum) and is easily recognized by its handsome Clarence Smith architecture and careful landscaping in the small, contained front garden. Visits are scheduled throughout the year and gardening classes are also available. Use the website for more information. 

Other Events 

  • In February, crews began the demolition of Howard Hall after an appeal to LUBA to save the Local Landmark as resident neighbors continue their objections to hospital expansion. 
  • The Historic Landmarks Commission recognizes Grant neighborhood with a Historic Preservation Award. As the first designated Heritage Neighborhood, it has served as a role model for other neighborhoods, producing an illustrated calendar and an architectural handbook.
  • The Commission honored Ross Sutherland with the Historic Preservation Award for his efforts since 1996 to ensure Salem’s historic resources are preserved, both in professional positions and in volunteer leadership.
  • Salem Chamber orchestra filed for bankruptcy.
  • The owner and skipper of the Willamette Queen vows to fight a Coast Guard decision to revoke the boat’s inspection certificate.
  • Hazel Patton was named Citizen of the Year. Hazel is not only a active, long-time advocate for local historic preservation, but for new enterprises that enhance Salem’s appeal for residents and visitors.
  • Our new City Manager, Steve Powers, plans to walk or ride to City Hall from his Crestview residence.
  • Kristin Retherford becomes our Urban Development Director to lead efforts in determining the city’s next investments for Riverfront Downtown, North Gateway and West Salem urban renewal areas. 
  • Our rail tracks in the city are still dangerous: this year a man was struck and killed when struck by a train on Sunnyview Avenue.
  • Commercial Street Bridge is renovated, providing a new Pringle Creek path under the structure (see above). In the future, the path in the photo will continue to the left, passing South Block Apartments and creating a future pedestrian pathway from City Hall to Riverfront Park.
  • More than 500 gathered at Sprague High School to honor Rick Nelson, a student who died after he fell off a cliff at the Oregon coast.
  • Former Gov. Kitzhaber resigned after scandal touched his fiance, Cylvia Hayes. Kate Brown, Secretary of State, replaces him.
  • A motorcyclist died when he lost control of his bike and fell from the Marion Street Bridge.