The John D. Boon house, center above, is likely the oldest single family dwelling in Salem. This photograph, taken about 1940, shows it as it was originally located on Liberty Street.
The building on the left housed the Boon Stone, built in 1860, which became the First State Treasury, and in later years was known as Karr’s Tavern. Since the late 1970s it has been known as Boon’s Treasury and is a popular local restaurant and hosts popular musical entertainment.
The small house to the right, the home of John D. Boon and his wife Martha Hawkins, was built in 1847. Mr. Boon was elected Treasurer by the Oregon Territorial Legislature in 1851, and when Oregon became a state in 1859, he became the first Oregon State Treasurer, serving until 1862. The house was moved to the Mission Mill Museum complex (now Willamette Heritage Center) in 1973 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The wooden porch and four columns are gone, as is the roof over the porch.
The two-story building in the foreground was used as a furniture factory.
The photograph below shows the house as it appears today.