Constructed in 1925 by Joseph P. Stirniman, this is a one-story bungalow with basement. The narrow street facade faces north on a typical residential block in the Fairmount neighborhood.
A feature is the eyebrow front porch roof and an exterior red brick fireplace on the west.
The depth of house is 92 feet with two gables on the east side.
Joseph Stirniman was a mechanic, working in, or owning, several garages in Salem. His wife, Hallie, operated a shop downtown on Court Street called the “Gibson Bonnet Shop” with Mrs Laverne Winkler as her partner. Mr. Stirniman continued living here after his wife’s death in 1937, selling the property in 1941. The present owners have lived there since 1972 and in their application for designation as a Local Landmark state, they have “enjoyed it every day…”
In addition to living, dining rooms and kitchen, it contains 3 bedrooms, a sewing room, laundry room, partially finished basement and a 2 car garage ~ surely very unusual for a bungalow built in that period of residential construction.