Built for William McGilchrist. Jr. at 695 Summer Street in 1917, it represents the Colonial Revival style of residential architecture popular at that time. The present exterior remains faithful to the original appearance except the shutters at each window have been removed.
The interior of this Local Landmark is especially interesting because the rooms have retained their proportions although the functions have changed. The ground floor had a generous parlor and living area on the south side with dining, kitchen and servants quarters on the north. Upstairs were the typical four bedrooms and one bath. The fireplaces, built-in cabinets and ceiling light fixtures appear original. The basement, with laundry, storage and wood room, is missing in this new location.
This CAN-DO neighborhood has been the official home of three former governors. In its original location, this was the home of Governor Robert D. Holmes, 1957-59. It is part of the North Capitol Mall Heritage Park.