This house was designed by Clarence Smith and built for Hollis and Marjorie Kay Huntington in 1925 and was originally located at 250 Winter St., on property just behind the home of Mrs. Huntington’s parents, Thomas B. and Cora Kay. Mr. Huntington was a coach at Salem High School and also owned “The Man’s Shop” a clothing store in Salem.
The former Kay and Huntington properties are now the site of the Oregon State Library. When the North Capitol Mall was begun in 1937, the Kay house was demolished and the Huntington house moved to 790 Winter Street. The Huntingtons sold the house to William and E. F. Burrell in 1953. Dr. Burrell was a dentist.
The State acquired the property in 1959.
The house was moved to this location in 2002 as the North Capitol Mall expanded and is now a state office in the North Capitol Mall Heritage Park.